Welcome To Cable Baptist Church

Louisville, KY

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Sistahs of the Spirit
Sistahs of the Spirit will partner together to encourage, equip, edify, and empower the Sistahs of Cable and our community to fulfill God’s divine purpose for their lives.

Sistahs seek a personal relationship with Christ and employing their talents for discipleship and evangelism.


United as sistahs in Christ, we will strive to…

* Seek Him constantly

* Serve Him diligently

* Share Him boldly in our church, community, and selves.

By serving on and/or participating in the Sistahs of the Spirit Women’s Ministry, you can expect to be:

Enlarged - Fortify your relationship with God

Equipped - Solidify your foundation in the word of God

Empowered - Equipped with sanctified tools to combat life’s challenges

Edified - Have a balanced and honest view of yourself to develop and utilize your spiritual gifts

Encouraged - Surround yourself with sistahs who are experiencing life’s challenges, and those that have persevered and overcome them.