Welcome To Cable Baptist Church

Louisville, KY

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About Us

Cable Missionary Baptist Church is located at 314 South Wenzel Street in Louisville, KY. 

We hope the pleasure we feel in having you visit us will be conveyed during your visit.

We welcome and  implore you, please don't feel as a stranger, for you are among God's people.

May every aspect of our worship bless and encourage you along your journey.

Our Mission: We exist to worship God in His fullness, through Jesus Christ our Lord; to lead the lost to His Saving Grace; to provide opportunity for those who are saved to become faithful disciples; to encourage and nurture sincere fellowship amongst the believers; and to persevere as co-laborers with Christ bringing change to society.


Worship & Bible Study Opportunities:

Sunday Morning Worship

9 AM - Worship Service

  11:15 AM Worship Service       

Bible Study 

Wednesday Noon Bible Study -  12 noon

Wednesday Night Bible Study - 7 PM

Thursday Night Bible Study - 6 PM 



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